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Hey there everyone! I know I have never done any blogs, let alone one discussing a chapter of Kuroshitsuji, but I just finished reading chapter 105 of the manga and I felt it just needed to be talked about! For those of you behind on the manga, I recommend catching up. Though this chapter was not huge plot-wise (though there was important things to the plot included, which I will talk about below), there were some major developments to canon and the characters.

First, let's talk about the favorite character votes released!
It has been confirmed that the top 6 most popular characters, AKA "The Demon 6" are the following:
1. Sebastian Michaelis
2. Ciel Phantomhive
3. Undertaker
4. Grell Sutcliff
5. Vincent Phantomhive
6. Charles Grey

I think that these characters were very much expected, with the exception of Grey, but the order was quite surprising to me. Personally, I assumed that Vincent and Undertaker would have their positions on this list reversed.
Either way, it is great to see just which characters are loved the most!

Now, to the story.

It seems that our new German shinigami friend, Sascha, is coming to prove himself more and more knowledgeable. He alluded to the idea of a world war occurring due to the militant advances among countries if "the world's balance were to crumble" as he put it.
Though this may seem pretty obvious to us now, keep in mind that this prediction is being made roughly 25 years before the first world war begins.
If these German shinigamis become major characters (which I hope they do), they could be formidable foes, as they are clearly quite intelligent.
(Though it is not important really, we also now find out that his partner, Rudgar, is a smoker. Maybe it is a hint to help open up to people what kind of person he is.)

Next, Grell and Will arrive (I feel like it has been an eternity since we last saw Mr. Spears). Around the same time I was thinking of something, I read a line that proved my suspicions.
Will: "You can sense that something big might be happening soon."

I think it is safe to say, because of that, that Ciel will not be leaving Germany very soon or that he will have to return shortly after leaving. If England's shinigamis are being sent to Germany, something big must be about to happen and we know Ciel will be involved in some way. I cannot help but wonder if it involves the Bizarre Dolls in some way. After all, they were present at the disaster on the Campania. If Ronald Knox was there too, that would basically confirm it. But, Ronald is really still a rookie and he is probably still too unexperienced to be taking a trip like that.

After they leave, Sascha says something very interesting.
Sascha: "You hear about 'seceders' every once in a while. Do you think they can escape the Shinigami Dispatch Society?"

This line is very confusing, until I read the last line on the page, which made my jaw drop and grab my head in a state of shock.

Sascha: "In the end, we used to be human too."


On the next line, Sascha explains just how humans become shinigami. It is not by chance. It is not through a ritual. It is not because of unfinished business in a past life.

They are suicide victims.

When a person kills themself, they are in some way or another reborn as a shinigami and they are forced to work, watching many people die every day, "until the day they are forgiven".

Reading this really made me look into the shinigamis a lot more.

Did Grell kill herself because she was transgender and not a single person would accept her as a woman instead of a man?
Are Undertaker's scars due to something he did as a shinigami or did he get them from torturing himself when he was still human? Does this mean Undertaker will never be at peace since he is no longer working with the dispatch association or can he still be forgiven through his own actions?
What happened to William?
What about Ronald?
What happened to our new friends Rudgar and Sascha?

I don't think I will ever look at shinigami the same ever again. They endured some sort of agonizing pain that caused them to take their own life from themselves and we may never know what caused that.
Also, I really hope this does not mean we will see a shinigami that we form a bond with fufill all their needs as a shinigami and disappear forever into heaven...

Also, moving back to right before this, who are the seceders? I am assuming they are either someone who escapes shinigami duty and moves onto the afterlife or someone who leaves the Dispatch Association. My assumption is the latter, but I cannot help but wonder if people try to find some escape from their misery of watching all this death and try to find a way to advance to heaven without fulfilling their duties.

Moving on to Diedrich!

It is revealed that Undertaker visited Diedrich at his (huge!) manor on his way to France.

This was a very emotional scene we experienced with Undertaker. After teasing Diedrich for being so fat, he begins to talk about Vincent, staring at their prefect picture from Weston College.
And he starts to cry. It is such an emotional and powerful moment that truly caught me by surprise. He did realize he was getting emotional and stopped himself to become mysterious again. Even so, he really opened up to us emotionally for a moment there. He expressed genuine sadness for the death of Vincent. It is clear that their relationship together was much more than business. Undertaker truly treasured their relationship. And, despite how close Diedrich and Vincent were, Undertaker seems to be a lot more traumatized by his death and I highly doubt it is only because he was unable to prepare his corpse as he desired and it was left to ashes. What made them so close?

This chapter gave us so many answers, but even more questions in return. Toboso-sensei just loves to leave our heads spinning.
This was undeniably a big chapter for the shinigami and probably my favorite chapter in the series so far.

I hope you guys liked my detailed review of chapter 105! Please share your opinions on it in the comments below. Also, would you like me to start typing up chapter reviews? I did enjoy typing up this one and would like to know if you enjoyed reading!
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