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As promised, here is the chapter 109 summary!

This chapter starts off at the Midford home where we see Lizzy's older brother Edward in the backyard practicing cricket on his own. He determined to become a prefect in his upcoming senior year.
Then, Paula comes in to state that he has a guest! I believe this is only the second time in the entire manga series that Paula has been shown. I know she was shown once at the beginning of the manga, but I am not sure if she was ever shown at any point between then and now.

Greenhill seems genuinely concerned about Edward becoming a prefect, considering the amount of stress and problems it has caused him.
He invites Edward to an event at the Sphere Music Hall.
When he arrives (and sees Cheslock), they are surprised by the fact that the location allows for such a huge variety of people gathered together and that free food would be welcomed.
I don't know much history on the subject, but it appears that the idea of having a public location where all the different social classes are together as equals is a fairly new concept.

We are very briefly introduced to a new character, Bravat, who is a well-known fortune teller. I highly doubt this is a passing character, so he must be of great importance later on. This party seems to just be any normal party, nothing special, until information is revealed in a few pages.

When Edward returns home, Lizzy is there to greet him, ecstatic to join him at the next party.

The scene now cuts to the Phantomhive household where Ciel receives a letter from the queen. The letter from the queen is talking about the Sphere Music Hall, the event which we just saw Edward return from. She is worried that something may be happening there and her investigators are gathering no results, so she wants Ciel to see what is going on.

Suddenly, Edward bursts into Ciel office loudly in a panicked state.
And at the very end of the chapter, it is revealed that Lizzy has gone missing.

I don't know about you guys, but I think that that magician Bravat was involved in her disappearance somehow.
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